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When Home Loves You Back - MIDWEST LEAK Winner!

@thetrapseafood and @chef_oya has been in almost every major print publication in Indy. We've had a feature or segment appear on all but one local channel. We've made national news articles and been mentioned in several internet articles... we are grateful for them all!!!!! But, on 3/17 the #TheTrapSquad got the honor of being named as Indy's Favorite Food by @midwestleak. If i didnt already know by the long lines, big crowds, social media posts and the daily sold-out days, the people truly come out, love and support us! The People is who we do it for. Nobody else. Everyone else just happens to enjoy it too.. but we do it for The People! we do it for The Hood! we #NaptownAF and it shows.. Congratulations to my Trap Squad. Dinner on #TrapMuvah tonight. Shout out to all the other Nominees!!! WE ALL OUT HERE WINNING AND THATS WHAT ITS ABOUT!!!!

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